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What is the Best Tow Truck for Towing My Vehicle?

best truck for towing
Professional, well-equipped towing and recovery companies utilize towing equipment and accessory configurations designed for specific situations. Since the sizes and ease of access of vehicles may vary considerably, full service tow and recovery companies must employ a range of tow trucks and accessories to manage any challenge.
In regions like the Colorado Rockies, vehicles of all types travel at high speeds over winding and often rain and ice-slicked roads that may be several miles from the nearest community. In some instances, more powerful trucks with specialized equipment may be mandatory to accomplish a recovery.

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What are the Different Types of Auto Wreckers?

commercial towing company
Because accidents and breakdowns can occur with any type of vehicles anywhere, professional towing and recovery companies must be prepared with the right equipment for recovery and towing. Not only do vehicle types vary by weight and configuration but the circumstances and location of the vehicle can require specialized equipment for a successful recovery. In highly variable mountainous terrain with winding roads, slippery conditions, and significant drop offs, the demand for unique strategies for recovery becomes more important.

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The Importance of Having Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage

emergency roadside assistance

What is Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage?

Emergency roadside insurance is more than an additional auto insurance coverage to deal with the costs of a breakdown. While unfortunate events like these do occur to most of us at some time in our lives, having a number to call, situational assistance, reimbursement, and support during a breakdown will reduce your stress during a difficult situation.
When we purchase our automobile coverage, most insurance companies offer an additional rider to cover Roadside Assistance. The additional premium is usually minimal while the added benefits can be substantial.
Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage Benefits
Often we turn away from additional insurance options that are not required or seem minor compared to the mandatory liability or collision and comprehensive insurances that protect us in case of an accident. But, for only a little more money, you may add coverage that will help you out on that inevitable cold, rainy night when you experience a breakdown and require help.
Policies will differ depending on the company or policy you select. Some standard roadside assistance policy may pay reasonable costs for such things as:

● Mechanical labor at the breakdown site
● Towing away from potential danger
● Towing to a nearby repair site if the vehicle is inoperable
● Delivery of fuel, oil, or a spare tire or whatever may be needed to make the vehicle operable again
● Locksmith labor if somehow you are unable to re-enter your vehicle

An Emergency Number to Call

Most insurance companies provide an emergency roadside assistance number to call when help is needed. As part of the policy when you experience a breakdown, calling the 800-number on your policy will connect you with a trained operator who will ask for your location and situation and contact the nearest towing or repair facility to respond immediately to your situation.

Save with Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance

If you should become stranded with an inoperable vehicle and no roadside assistance coverage, particularly at night, you may be at the mercy of whichever company will agree to show up at your location. Most towing and recovery companies are credible and reliable and have a set fee schedule for assistance. However, you may be at the mercy of someone who might take advantage of a stranded driver’s emergency and inflate the cost to help you out.
If you have emergency roadside assistance coverage, the insurer will be responsible for reasonable costs.

Contact Alpine Towing & Recovery in Colorado

Positioned to protect drivers throughout the front range of the Colorado Rockies, Alpine Towing and Recovery is equipped to handle any vehicle emergency. Alpine is dedicated to your safety and ready to work with you and your insurance company to provide roadside assistance. Call 800-869-2869.

How to Choose from Local Heavy-Duty Towing Companies

heavy duty towing

Not every towing company is trained and equipped to handle truly heavy-duty towing and recovery jobs. These situations demand highly skilled and trained drivers as well as the right capacity towing trucks and equipment. Each situation is different and in the front range of the Colorado Rockies, towing jobs can be very dangerous without the right combination of personnel and equipment.
For future reference, compile a list of qualified companies to call for heavy-duty towing situations, whether for routine breakdowns or severe emergency situations.

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How Do I Donate a Car?

At a certain point in the cycle of automobile ownership, donating a car may be a better, less stressful option than trying to sell it. More people are finding that the benefit from the tax deduction outreaches the potential return and problems of selling. Add the satisfaction that a donation is a substantial benefit to a charity and that the donor’s generosity is appreciated.

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5 Towing Questions We Get Asked

Automobile towing is a complicated process. The best towing companies, like Alpine Towing & Recovery of Colorado, employ and train the most qualified, dedicated and drug-free individuals to recover vehicles and ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Only the top proven companies are regularly notified by law enforcement to handle the most severe incidents and to help to clear accident scenes.

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5 Tips When Having A Car Towed

having a car towedThere are certain events that we hope will never happen to us, yet they are likely to occur. One such occurrence is having to have your car towed. As with any emergency, you can only hope that the best people are available at the right time in the right place and are equipped with the correct equipment to manage the emergency.
Therefore, before you start a journey or even when you are near home, you should research the best companies to contact if and when your vehicle needs to be towed. Preparation for these types of events can reduce the fear, worry, and wait time of a vehicle breakdown or an accident.

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Tips for Mountain Driving-AVOID THE TOW

avoid the towThose not accustomed to snow and ice conditions on the highways are always at risk for underestimating the potential for slipping and sliding on roadways. The possibility is particularly likely with 2-wheel drive with standard tires on mountain roadways where ice and snow are more likely. Mountain roads are also designed to curve, rise, and fall more than thoroughfares closer to sea level.

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