All About Towing

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Towing

When it comes to finding a reliable towing company, it is important to ask all the right questions. This will determine whether the towing company can reach your location, support the weight of your vehicle, and offer other services, such as repairs. Alpine Towing, a family-based towing company that was started in Buena Vista in 1998, has been aiding clients throughout the Colorado Front Range ever since, and has decided to answer their most frequently asked questions by customers, so that if the need ever does arise, Colorado travelers can make informed decisions on the towing company that is best for their situation.

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Alpine Towing Introduces New Equipment for 2014

Colorado – Alpine Towing, a trusted leader in damage-free towing for more than 20 years, has introduced a new line of towing equipment to serve its customers better. Over the last 20 years, the towing service industry has changed significantly. Towing companies now need to be more alert to the plastic and fiberglass bodies and electronics of newer vehicles in order to prevent damage that could easily happen during recoveries and towing. These and other changes have inspired the need for bigger and more advanced equipment by Alpine Towing for 2014. 

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Driving Conditions and Mechanical Issues – Mountain Road Safety Tips from Alpine Towing

The best advice for any driver with a two-wheel drive vehicle coming into the mountains is to stay on maintained roads. Although this may seem like an obvious road safety tip, each year many drivers get into accidents on mountain roads. A seemingly nice mountain road can turn into a 4×4 road very quickly and leave the traveler with nowhere to turn around. Drivers often get stuck on dirt roads that they don’t have the correct equipment to travel through. In order to avoid unnecessarily calling a tow company or roadside assistance, Alpine Towing suggests staying on well-traveled roads and following AAA maps when driving through any mountainous region.

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What You Should Know When Having Your Car Towed

Most drivers who own a car and have a substantial amount of experience driving it, have experience car troubles out on the road away from home at some point. Maybe it was a stall while driving down the road, or the car just won’t start in a parking lot. In such a situation all that can be done is calling a quality towing service to recover your car to a mechanic or wherever it can be fixed.

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Afforbable Towing and Recovery-You get What you pay for

An unexpected road emergency can take a toll on your travel plans at any time and a bite out of your bank account. Sometimes something as simple as a flat tire or running out of gas can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere and cost you a lot of money. There’s a distinct difference between affordable towing and recovery v/s CHEAP towing.

Especially if you live in an area that is prone to snowstorms or drastic weather changes, it’s always a good idea to be ready for road emergencies.

Don’t Have Roadside Assistance – What’s At Stake?

While some people may eschew the charges for roadside assistance insurance or membership subscriptions, those who have needed to be rescued by a towing service quickly find why roadside assistance coverage can save a lot of money, frustration and hassle. Especially for large semi trucks, towing services start at around $250/hour, making any level of assistance a costly endeavor. Thus, if you don’t have any roadside coverage coverage or haven’t got the contact details of a reliable towing service, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for just a one-time towing occurrence.

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