Buena Vista Towing Service

Buena Vista Colorado may only have 2,000 residents, but the surrounding natural attractions draw thousands of visitors each month. Within the region’s rural areas, wildlife crossing major roadways and severe weather conditions frequently cause accidents or vehicle recovery situations.

Such accidents, along with numerous stalled vehicles and multiple stranded vehicle situations, have caused Alpine Towing & Recovery to consistently grow from one company tow truck more than 19 years ago, to more than 10 recovery trucks that range in size from light duty tow trucks that handle most smaller cars, to 50-ton mega trucks that can easily tow stranded semi-tractor/trailers and even the largest RV.

The Alpine Towing tow company was formed in 1993 by husband and wife owners Leslie and DJ Heiman, because they saw an ever increasing need for towing and vehicle roadside recovery service specialists in and around the Buena Vista area. The move was a good bet and the company has had a steady growth of drivers and vehicle recovery vehicles ever since.

As a matter of fact, Alpine Towing consistently provides support to the

Colorado State Patrol through accident scene security, including preserving evidence, providing HAZMAT cleanup, and assisting the local authorities in dealing with dangerous roadway situations.

Alpine Towing & Recovery has the equipment, experience and professional service staff to handle any roadside assistance or vehicle recovery situation.

Towing for a professional company never has been a 9-5 job, and Alpine sees at least half of its customers during rush hours or late evening. It’s for this reason that dispatchers and drivers are on call 24/7 because most situations just can’t wait for a more convenient time. All drivers are based in different parts of the city. So when a call comes in, it gets placed to the nearest driver, which reduces response time by as much as 25 minutes.

The Heimans have made it their business to provide the most professional service with the best possible equipment. It’s what sets them apart from other towing services in the area.