Regular Vehicle Maintenance Will Help Avoid Overheating and a Tow

One of the most common issues that we receive calls for at Alpine Towing is overheating. Mountainous roads and terrains with steep grades can push a car’s engine to its limits, causing it to buckle under the pressure. For residents of Buena Vista, our emergency towing services are available around the clock to ensure that overheating never leaves you stranded.

Dangers of Overheating

Driving a vehicle that is overheating can pose many dangers that have the potential to be deadly. Cars with coolant that are overheating run the risk of boiling the antifreeze, which can lead to pressure building within the radiator hoses which will cause to them burst and spray dangerously hot coolant on the road or on other vehicles. Furthermore, vehicles with aluminum cylinder heads cannot withstand heat well and can melt or warp.

How to Avoid Overheating

Always ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system is well maintained and in good shape when you’re hitting the road. Additionally, make sure to turn your cooling system off when ascending a steep road, as failure to do so can strain your engine and increase the chances of overheating. If you think that your vehicle is overheating, pull over and idle for a bit to help it recover before any damage occurs.

What to Do If Your Vehicle Overheats

Depending on the health and nature of your vehicle, sometimes following the preventative measures mentioned above may not be enough to save it from overheating. In these situations, our service experts at Alpine Towing are happy to help you out when you enlist our emergency towing services. We are always just a call away for Buena Vista residents and are a preferred AAA vendor for both regular and over-sized vehicles.

Why Alpine Towing? 

As a certified AAA vendor, our specialists are trusted thanks to their experience and high level of support that they provide our customers. With a skillset that covers all kinds of vehicles and weather conditions, Buena Vista residents can rest easy knowing that they always have qualified professionals ready to help them out, no matter what time of day or night. Given the treacherous mountain roads that locals are all too familiar with, having this kind of service at your disposal is something that brings many benefits.

Don’t let the cold weather mislead you into thinking that your vehicle is safe from overheating. Straining your engine can happen any time of year and without regular checkups and preventative maintenance, it can happen to anyone. Our experienced, friendly staff and large vehicle fleet at Alpine Towing can help your vehicle get out of any kind of situation, so give us a call at 1-800-869-2869 and take advantage of our emergency towing services.

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