HAZMAT Recoveries Are For The Professionals

Your HAZMAT load hauling doesn’t take the winter off, and neither does Alpine Towing and Recovery. Driving through the Front Range can be especially tricky in any season, with its winding roads, high winds, and performance sapping altitude, but winter driving can be especially dangerous.

AlpineWe want you to know that if, God forbid, you do have a winter accident involving HAZMAT in the vicinity of the Buena Vista, Salida, or Woodland Park communities where we provide towing services 24/7, that when it comes time to make that call for a recovery, size matters to a good outcome.

At Alpine Towing and Recovery, we have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to recover or contain a HAZMAT spill site anywhere we service. We are fully HAZMAT certified and often called upon by the Colorado State Patrol as the recovery specialists of first resort in the difficult terrain of the Front Range. We have 50 ton wreckers. We also have a modified Sno-Cat with a crane boom that we can haul out for recovery of your HAZMAT trailer. We also, depending on your load, can perform cargo offloading and secure, insured storage at our facilities until such time as alternate arrangements can be made.

HAZMAT Incidents Are Not For Amateurs

Alpine Towing and Recovery has decades of experience performing difficult tows and recoveries from the rugged and mountainous terrain that surrounds our communities. We are WreckMaster certified and all of our crew members undergo regular training to be up to date on handling both the routine and the extraordinary service calls that we field. You will know that when you call Alpine Towing and Recovery about your HAZMAT cargo involved accident, or even just to contain your spilling diesel or anti-freeze, that you aren’t going to have a one wrecker operator showing up and making it up as he goes. You will have at your disposal a company at the pinnacle of the local towing sector, one with 22 different recovery vehicles and the manpower for just about any size accident response. You will have at your fingertips a company with 24/7/365 response capability because someone is always staffing our phones, and even the sophistication to perform aircraft recoveries. If we can respond to remote and complicated airplane recoveries, you can rest assured we can also handle an overturned big rig with a leaking tank trailer leaning on a cliff-side guard rail.

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