Alpine Towing and Recovery Responds to Calls for Recovery Through Season of Extreme Weather

Buena Vista, Colorado – July 13, 2015 – Colorado-based tow service Alpine Towing and Recovery helps Colorado travelers survive some of the wildest, most unpredictable and diverse weather conditions and naturals disasters including flash floods, fires, hail and rock slides. With service to the Salida, Buena Vista and Woodlands areas and highly experienced staff, they can help anyone stranded with small vehicles, RVs or even semi-trucks get out of any bind.

The disasters occurring in Colorado’s high country can lead to many dangers and issues, some of which start off rather benign. For example, one dangerous issue with rockslides is the fact that small rocks can easily destabilize a vehicle. In addition, the thick smoke created by fires can easily restrict the vision of drivers and increase the chances of an accident.

Alpine Towing and Recovery suggests that you take every precaution possible in dangerous weather conditions; avoid low lying areas during downpours, keep an emergency kit with you at all times and maintain awareness of your surroundings when driving in the mountains.

Remaining prepared for unexpected weather conditions and having a company like Alpine Towing at your side is the best way to ensure that you and your vehicle endure them safely. For a quality, AAA-certified tow service, give them a call anytime at 1-800-TOW-2-TOW.

About Alpine Towing and Recovery

With service to the Salida, Woodlands and Buena Vista areas, Alpine Towing is one of the most reliable roadside service providers in the area and offers their support to drivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Alpine recovery experts have vast experience with dangerous, unpredictable weather conditions and the equipment necessary to extract and tow any vehicle, big or small. For more information, visit

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