Before You Call A Tow Truck–Here’s A Tip For Rocking Out Of The Snow in Colorado

At Alpine Towing and Recovery, we are just like you. When we get stuck, our first instinct is towards self-rescue. Getting stuck in snow or mudis somewhat embarrassing to any Coloradan, because our state affords us all ample opportunities to get experience with either. Nevertheless, despite your best efforts, you find yourself behind the wheel and going nowhere fast.

towing-1How Did You Get Where You Are?

It is curious that some people, after getting stuck in the snow, don’t retreat and try to press forward. We cannot think of a destination that under normal circumstances compels someone to try and drive further into unknown snow depths on up the road. Even if your instincts or desires are telling you to go forward, Alpine Towing and Recovery advises you to go back the way you came. You weren’t stuck a few moments before.

The moment you find you are stuck in snow, stop until you assess your situation.

Now What?

Is your vehicle still on the pavement? Is your vehicle still level? Is there a safe path back to decent tractionthat you can reasonably reach? If you answer all of these questions with a “yes,” you are a candidate for self rescue through rocking back and forth. If you answer “no” to any of the questions, or are stuck in a drift or embankment, call Alpine Towing and Recovery for a tow truck – and remember to put them in your address book for future needs.

Rocking Back and Forth

The goal of gently rocking a snowbound vehicle back and forth is to bring some order to the chaos beneath your vehicle. A little bit at a time, you are creating your own stamped out ramp to escape the snow you are in the midst of.Gently use the throttle to roll back and forth without spinning or turning the wheels to either side. Once you have defined a bit of a straight pathway, you can build more momentum and maybe even gently turn to regain the track you had before getting stuck. It may take more than a dozen changes of direction, but if you do it right, you’ll never step foot outside of your car.

When To Call For A Tow Truck

If you are on an incline, high centered in a drift or embankment, or hopelessly spinning your wheels, your safest strategy is to stay put and contact Alpine Towing 24/7/365 for a tow truck out of Buena Vista, Salida, or Woodland Park Colorado.

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