Beware the Wildlife and You Won’t Need a Tow Truck Near Woodland Park, Colorado

One sure way to avoid needing a tow truck near Woodland Park, Buena Vista, or Salida, Colorado is to watch out for the wildlife this autumn. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Deer and elk particularly are on the move to lower elevations for the winter, making this season the one to take very seriously all of those yellow diamond signs with bounding deer upon them.

Unfortunately for all too many drivers crossing the 300+ miles of the Front Range area we serve, they strike road crossing wildlife and wind up needing our towing services .

Alpine Towing and Recovery urges you to drive without distractions this time of year in the areas we serve. Whether you are near Woodland Park, Buena Vista, or Salida, it is not always easy to see, but all too easy to hit roaming wildlife. This is especially so if your attention is divided between driving and something else you’re doing.

Before you end up needing tow services following an animal collision, we recommend you always drive defensively, especially when the sun is rising or setting and poor light conditions make spotting running deer or elk at the times of day that they are most active far more tricky.

Deer Frozen in the Road, Now What?

When confronted by wildlife in the road, there are too many factors involved to declare an obvious strategy as to what to do. Something to remember is that hitting a deer in like striking a moped, and hitting a bull elk is like ramming into a large motorcycle.

If the animal is much smaller than your car, risking running it over at speed is usually the better bet than is avoidance. Generally, your vehicle will handily “win” when pitted against an animal coyote sized and most of these parts, running down a small animal is always the best strategy, especially when the shoulders are either the hill side cut or a drop. If there is any kind of traffic, swerving out of your lane or short-stopping in front of someone behind you is going to be more dangerous than is striking the small animal in front of your car.

If you strike a deer, or especially an elk, chances are you are going to need towing services from Alpine Towing and Recovery. If you can slow down or stop, this is the best tactic against both running or stopped deer and elk.

If, despite your best efforts, you hit an animal and need a tow, contact us 24/7.