Prevent Vehicle Breakdowns with This Advice from Roadside Service Provider Alpine Towing and Recovery

The summer season can be a rough time for your vehicle and the extreme weather can really push it to its limit. At Alpine Towing and Recovery, we get plenty of roadside service calls from drivers who pushed their car too hard in the heat and require help. Our experts have listed some tips below to help you maintain your vehicle duringthe hot summer months and keep it inrolling on down the road.

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Heat More Taxing on A Battery
Most drivers think that cold weather is more taxing on a car battery, but in reality, heat can be even more damaging, for example:
• Heat causes a car battery’s strength goes down.
• Heat above 95°F, combined with higher temperatures from the engine, accelerates corrosion of car batteries.
• Heat causes the water to evaporate out of battery fluid, more quickly breaking down the battery grids, which leads to battery failure.
Dealing with a dead battery and the need for roadside service can really put a dent in your trip and cause unnecessary stress. Always make sure that your battery is sufficiently maintained and has sufficient fluid throughout the summer. Additionally, you should keep it clean so that there’s no dirt on it as excess dirt can also accelerate corrosion.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Tires act and react to the roads differently during the warmer weather due to the fact that higher temperatures put more stress on them and increase their pressure. Always visually inspect them during fuel stops and look out for signs of damage or any abnormalities that may indicate a problem. Our roadside assistance professionals get plenty of calls from drivers with tire problems during the summer.

Maintain Your Cooling System
Cooling systems are pushed to their brink during the hot weather so make sure to keep an eye on them and ensure that they’re well maintained. A broken cooling system can make the summer heat even more unbearable and remember, never open a radiator when your engine is hot!

Keep Components Under Your Car Clean
Cleaning components under your car is a very important procedure, especially if you live in a snowy climate like Colorado. The deicer used on roads to melt snow and keep roads clear during the winter can get accumulate on lines, brake components, and other drive train components and eat away at the metal, leading to corrosion and damages that can eventually cause mechanical failure.