Do I Really Need Roadside Assistance?

roadside assistance
Roadside assistance is not something you always wish to experience. However, when you do need it, you are thrilled when it arrives.

Being stranded with mechanical problems or an accident is naturally a dreaded experience. Remote roadside locations, particularly in the Colorado front range at night, can be frightening until a reliable and experienced professional arrives to bring you and your vehicle back to safety.
AAA or Roadside Assistance Memberships
Usually roadside assistance is not a question of “if” you will ever need it. For most of us it is only a matter of time until the need arises. Many individuals choose to have AAA or other types of insurance to cover towing and roadside assistance to minimize the pain of those costly and unexpected emergencies.
Moreover, it is a good idea to keep the phone numbers of the best towing and recovery companies along the route of your journey. Note that if you are driving an RV or another heavy vehicle, some tow companies are not adequately equipped to recover those types of vehicles.
Using Your Best Judgement
There are times when a warning light might be signaling pending trouble. Overheating or a “service engine soon” warning light may indicate an immediate problem. Your first inclination may be to “forge on”, hoping you can make it to the next sign of civilization. However,“forging on” might result in further damage that can cause the vehicle to quit altogether.
With Roadside Assistance coverage, you will be more likely to take the “safe” route by pulling over and calling a reliable tow company. Doing this eliminates the likelihood that you will do further damage to your vehicle.
Pulling over to a safe location and contacting a reliable roadside assistance provider at the first sign of trouble is the best solution. In Colorado’s front range, where exits and communities may be fewer and further between, Alpine Towing and Recovery operates from three strategic locations in Salida, Woodland Park, and Buena Vista to provide the best possible coverage and rapid response to emergencies.
Alpine Towing for All Vehicles
Not just the best choice for cars and pickups, Alpine Towing and Recovery is equipped to handle the largest semi-trucks and RVs as well as off-road recovery. The drivers are highly skilled and dependable, fully trained in HAZMAT and emergency accident scene management.
Alpine’s principal mission is to ensure the safety of the people at the site before moving on to the vehicles.
Keep Alpine Towing’s phone number available in case of an emergency. Their 24-hour phone number is 800-869-2869. Alpine Towing and Recovery can be your best insurance for a roadside emergency.