Roadside Service for Breakdowns

In the Front Range of the Rockies near the Colorado communities of Woodland Park, Salinas, and Buena Vista, auto, truck, and RV breakdowns and accidents occur frequently. Mountain driving adds additional wear and tear on vehicles, and roadside assistance is a common request.

roadside service

Warning Lights and Potential Mechanical Failures

Suppose that after driving hundreds of miles into the midst of the Colorado mountains suddenly a warning light comes on. It could be the ABS (anti-lock brake system) warning or maybe the Check or Service Engine Soon light is burning. Neither of these is good news, but you will begin to wonder whether you should stop immediately or plow on to the next community that might be dozens of miles further.

Many times, the problem is not in the engine or brakes. Quite often the problem is simply with the warning light. However, if you sense trouble with the engine or brakes, you should stop and call for help. But if you choose to motor on, realize that any of three outcomes can occur. These are:

● You arrive safely to a place where the problem can be fixed.
● Your engine begins to make strange noises which likely means that you are causing further damage to the system. Stop and call for help. The problem will not heal itself.
● You are heading down a steep incline, and your brakes are not performing as they should. The situation could be particularly treacherous during snow and icy conditions when your ABS braking system is most valuable. Again, pull over immediately and call for help.

Call Alpine Towing and Recovery

Warning lights are installed in autos and trucks for a reason. While they may indicate a developing problem before it becomes a crisis, drivers should not ignore the message. The further you drive with a warning light illuminated, the greater the possibility of a real problem developing. The key is not to compound the problem and put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Alpine Towing and Recovery maintains the right equipment and trained personnel on hand to respond to emergencies to bring you and your vehicle bac to safety in the shortest possible time.
For 24-hour emergency service when needed, keep Alpine Towing’s phone number close at hand when you are traveling through the Colorado mountains.
The safety of their clients is Alpine’s most significant concern.