Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle From Alpine Towing

Hopefully, we are still months away from the full brunt of Colorado’s winter driving season. If you haven’t begun winterizing your vehicle, you should consider doing so soon. At the higher altitudes in the heart of the Front Range areas we serve, when winter does come, it comes in full force. Winter at high altitude is no time to be stuck on the side of the road, so preparing your vehicle for winter driving minimizes your chances of calling Alpine Towing to pull you out of a snow bank or other vehicle related predicament.

Towing Companies - Winter Vehicle Preparation Tips

Check Your Battery

Nothing exposes your battery’s weaknesses faster than a harsh cold snap. All car batteries eventually suffer from two interrelated problems: sulfating, due to constant charging and discharging, and undercharging, the incomplete recharging of the battery due to taking short trips.

If your car is four years or older, or you have no idea when it last had its battery checked, be on the lookout for worn and corroded battery cables and leads, or faulty or worn charging components such as belts. A reliable battery is a winter essential.

Use Good Tires

Now that you can get your vehicle started, can it go anywhere? Though Colorado only requires you to carry or use chains in the I-70 corridor, carrying such devices, or using snow or studded tires, is also a good idea along the rest of the Front Range too. If you rely upon four wheel drive, remember that you need at least 1/8th” of tread remaining to even begin creating suitable traction on snow.

Check Your Oil

Before winter hits, make sure you have fresh motor oil of the correct winter weight the manufacturer recommends. Worn motor oil has had its additives burned away by and it thickens badly when the temperature drops below freezing.

Other Considerations

The headlights, brakes, drivetrain, coolant, fuel system, and suspension also need pre-winter inspection. Also, don’t forget to put on new wiper blades and make sure your wiper fluid is a formula that doesn’t freeze in the tank.

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