Need Recreational Vehicle or Heavy Vehicle Towing Near Buena Vista and Woodland Park, Colorado? Call Alpine Towing & Recovery

Unlike many towing companies in the Front Range, Alpine Towing and Recovery maintains a large and diversified fleet of wreckers that are capable of towing both recreational vehicles and semi tractors. When you are driving such a rig in our mountainous region, and in dire need of 24/7/365 towing and roadside assistance, why call around in vain looking for the towing capabilities we already possess? Why not put Alpine Towing and Recovery into your contacts now just in case?RV Towing

In the towing and recovery business there is no substitute for size, and that’s what Alpine brings to any roadside emergency. You don’t have time to wonder whether the crew you called is capable of helping you out. You don’t want to hear that their only wrecker capable of giving you a tow will be there in “a couple of hours.” When you call Alpine Towing & Recovery you can rest assured that we have the equipment to rescue your RV.

That said, a wrecker capable of hauling a motor home or a big rig is useless without competent crews running them. All of our crews are not only continually trained to maintain their WreckMaster certifications to ensure damage free towing, they are also regularly drug tested and criminally background checked before they wear the Alpine Towing logo. We want to ensure that whomever we dispatch to your scene is both honest and sober, because the safety of your vehicle hangs in the balance.

Face it, whether you own a motor home, or a tractor-trailer rig, there is a lot of money tied up in that valuable machinery. When you need it towed, you want to call a company that will treat it like it was their own.

Unfortunately, many of our competitors are still stuck in the “bad old days.”  If you need a tow from most of them, either a truck with a boom and cradle, or a flatbed, are your only two options. You might find yourself haggling over the tow before you even know what kind of rig will show up in response.  If you are in a rig that can’t be hauled by your chosen company you’re out of luck until they get ahold of someone else as their spur of the moment subcontractor.

Why take any chances? If you need or want a RV or big rig tow in or near Buena Vista, Salida, or Woodland Park, just give us a call.

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