Have a fleet? You need a reliable commercial towing company

Woodland Park, CO – A car accident can happen at any time, to anybody, and light duty and heavy duty trucks are no exception. Alpine Towing (http://www.alpinetowing.net/), one of the most diligent commercial towing companies in Colorado’s Woodland Park area, understands the trucking industry and is now working with trucking companies to get them back on the road when an accident or disabled vehicle happens.

Alpine Towing currently offers fleet services, such as discounted pricing for any commercial fleet of automobiles, whether light or heavy duty. One of the primary concerns of a fleet manager is how to minimize downtime, because lost time ultimately results in lost revenue. Once an accident happens, Alpine Towing’s immediate response team wastes no time getting to the scene and will recover the stranded fleet vehicle and transport it, or its cargo, to the original destination with a minimal loss of time.

Moreover, Alpine Towing also provides roadside assistance for quick fix repairs from batteries to tires, belts, hoses, and gas, to name a few. Trucking companies that utilize Alpine Towing’s fleet services will be able to get back on the road quickly because Alpine Towing is already familiarized with each vehicle and the parts that they require.

Commercial fleet companies that maintain ongoing routes in and around Woodland Park, Lake George, Buena Vista and Salida Colorado, have come to rely on the quick service that is offered by Alpine Towing’s dedicated dispatch, and the strategically located recovery vehicles. Having the right-sized towing vehicles is also key to timely and successful commercial recoveries. Alpine is a towing company that has built its fleet over the last 20 years to have the right sized vehicle, Wreck Master trained staff to meet the recovery challenges of almost every situation – they even have the equipment and training to do underwater and aircraft recovery!

About Alpine Towing

Alpine Towing is a family-owned company that has been in service for over 20 years originating in Buena Vista, Colorado. Since then, Alpine Towing has expanded its locations to include Woodland Park, Lake George, and Salida. In addition, Alpine Towing covers an 80 mile radius from all of their locations to ensure that customers who are stranded can be reached in a timely manner. Compared to other towing companies, Alpine Towing offers fair, high quality services at a competitive cost.

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