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The Importance of Having Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage

emergency roadside assistance

What is Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage?

Emergency roadside insurance is more than an additional auto insurance coverage to deal with the costs of a breakdown. While unfortunate events like these do occur to most of us at some time in our lives, having a number to call, situational assistance, reimbursement, and support during a breakdown will reduce your stress during a difficult situation.
When we purchase our automobile coverage, most insurance companies offer an additional rider to cover Roadside Assistance. The additional premium is usually minimal while the added benefits can be substantial.
Roadside Assistance Insurance Coverage Benefits
Often we turn away from additional insurance options that are not required or seem minor compared to the mandatory liability or collision and comprehensive insurances that protect us in case of an accident. But, for only a little more money, you may add coverage that will help you out on that inevitable cold, rainy night when you experience a breakdown and require help.
Policies will differ depending on the company or policy you select. Some standard roadside assistance policy may pay reasonable costs for such things as:

● Mechanical labor at the breakdown site
● Towing away from potential danger
● Towing to a nearby repair site if the vehicle is inoperable
● Delivery of fuel, oil, or a spare tire or whatever may be needed to make the vehicle operable again
● Locksmith labor if somehow you are unable to re-enter your vehicle

An Emergency Number to Call

Most insurance companies provide an emergency roadside assistance number to call when help is needed. As part of the policy when you experience a breakdown, calling the 800-number on your policy will connect you with a trained operator who will ask for your location and situation and contact the nearest towing or repair facility to respond immediately to your situation.

Save with Emergency Roadside Assistance Insurance

If you should become stranded with an inoperable vehicle and no roadside assistance coverage, particularly at night, you may be at the mercy of whichever company will agree to show up at your location. Most towing and recovery companies are credible and reliable and have a set fee schedule for assistance. However, you may be at the mercy of someone who might take advantage of a stranded driver’s emergency and inflate the cost to help you out.
If you have emergency roadside assistance coverage, the insurer will be responsible for reasonable costs.

Contact Alpine Towing & Recovery in Colorado

Positioned to protect drivers throughout the front range of the Colorado Rockies, Alpine Towing and Recovery is equipped to handle any vehicle emergency. Alpine is dedicated to your safety and ready to work with you and your insurance company to provide roadside assistance. Call 800-869-2869.

5 Towing Questions We Get Asked

Automobile towing is a complicated process. The best towing companies, like Alpine Towing & Recovery of Colorado, employ and train the most qualified, dedicated and drug-free individuals to recover vehicles and ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Only the top proven companies are regularly notified by law enforcement to handle the most severe incidents and to help to clear accident scenes.

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Need Heavy Duty Towing? Don’t Settle for Just Any Provider

heavy duty towingVehicles requiring heavy duty towing like larger passenger trucks, RVs, and urban transport buses can create complicated towing conundrums due to their sheer bulk. It takes a wide array of experience, expertise, and equipment to circumnavigate these issues and ensure a safe, successful tow, particularly over rougher or steep terrain. If you are traveling through the area and don’t know who to call, you will want to choose a towing company based not only where you are, but more importantly the type of jobs they can handle.

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Waiting For Roadside Assistance—What You Should Have With You in a Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency can happen at any time and always happens without any meaningful warning. Precisely because you cannot predict what might happen to your vehicle during a road trip through the Front Range communities Alpine Towing and Recovery operates out of–Buena Vista, Salida, and Woodland Park—it is critical that you carry a roadside emergency kit to use while you wait for us to respond to your call for roadside assistance.

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Summer driving creates more road hazard related deaths than Winter Driving

Winter may seem like a more dangerous time to drive with all of the road hazards, like snow and ice, but the truth of the matter is that June, July, and August rank as the top three months for most fatalities from car accidents. As a tow service, Woodland Park’s Alpine Towing, sees first-hand the number of accidents that can happen and attributes these accidents to the type of drivers on the road during the summer months.

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7 Tips on for avoiding summer Driving Hazards

Now that winter is over, drivers who are traveling across Woodland Park and the surrounding areas should not assume that there is no risk during summer travel. Winter and snow aren’t the only potential driving hazards for drivers and the truth of the matter is that summer brings with it just as many risks for accidents and car troubles. For this reason, Alpine Towing, a family owned towing company that was founded in 1998, is offering customers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Woodland Park, Buena Vista, Lake George, and Salida residents can count on Alpine Towing’s service to help them at a moment’s notice.

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5 Tips For A Towing Insurance Claim

Accidents happen- it’s a fact of life, but when this does happen, nobody wants to worry about a towing insurance claim, or how much their insurance company will be willing to pay, how far the insurance will allow their vehicles to be towed, or how much of the damages will be covered. A dedicated towing company, on the other hand, will work for the customer and mediate between insurance companies, finding only the best rates and helping complete much of the paperwork.

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Afforbable Towing and Recovery-You get What you pay for

An unexpected road emergency can take a toll on your travel plans at any time and a bite out of your bank account. Sometimes something as simple as a flat tire or running out of gas can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere and cost you a lot of money. There’s a distinct difference between affordable towing and recovery v/s CHEAP towing.

Especially if you live in an area that is prone to snowstorms or drastic weather changes, it’s always a good idea to be ready for road emergencies.

Don’t Have Roadside Assistance – What’s At Stake?

While some people may eschew the charges for roadside assistance insurance or membership subscriptions, those who have needed to be rescued by a towing service quickly find why roadside assistance coverage can save a lot of money, frustration and hassle. Especially for large semi trucks, towing services start at around $250/hour, making any level of assistance a costly endeavor. Thus, if you don’t have any roadside coverage coverage or haven’t got the contact details of a reliable towing service, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for just a one-time towing occurrence.

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