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What are the Different Types of Auto Wreckers?

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Because accidents and breakdowns can occur with any type of vehicles anywhere, professional towing and recovery companies must be prepared with the right equipment for recovery and towing. Not only do vehicle types vary by weight and configuration but the circumstances and location of the vehicle can require specialized equipment for a successful recovery. In highly variable mountainous terrain with winding roads, slippery conditions, and significant drop offs, the demand for unique strategies for recovery becomes more important.

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Alpine Towing & Recovery Remains a Trusted Provider by Many Roadside Assistance Services

Buena Vista, Colorado – For residents of Buena Vista, Salida and Woodland Park, Alpine Towing & Recovery is a reliable tow truck service that is trusted by roadside assistance services such as AAA due to their standards of safty, and honest and trustworthy business practices.

Compared to competitors, Alpine Towing & Recovery offers an unprecedented variety of service vehicles to ensure that any sized vehicle can be effectively towed in any weather conditions. Additionally, their towing equipment is up-to-date and of the highest quality, further contributing to their high quality of service. This is why AAA considers Alpine Towing & Recovery a trusted towing company in the Colorado communities in which it serves. 

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Alpine Towing Introduces New Equipment for 2014

Colorado – Alpine Towing, a trusted leader in damage-free towing for more than 20 years, has introduced a new line of towing equipment to serve its customers better. Over the last 20 years, the towing service industry has changed significantly. Towing companies now need to be more alert to the plastic and fiberglass bodies and electronics of newer vehicles in order to prevent damage that could easily happen during recoveries and towing. These and other changes have inspired the need for bigger and more advanced equipment by Alpine Towing for 2014. 

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