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What is the Best Tow Truck for Towing My Vehicle?

best truck for towing
Professional, well-equipped towing and recovery companies utilize towing equipment and accessory configurations designed for specific situations. Since the sizes and ease of access of vehicles may vary considerably, full service tow and recovery companies must employ a range of tow trucks and accessories to manage any challenge.
In regions like the Colorado Rockies, vehicles of all types travel at high speeds over winding and often rain and ice-slicked roads that may be several miles from the nearest community. In some instances, more powerful trucks with specialized equipment may be mandatory to accomplish a recovery.

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Questions Posed Most To Towing Companies: Do I Need a Flatbed Tow?

Like many towing companies, Alpine Towing and Recovery maintains several wheel lift tow trucks that are especially useful for towing the many front wheel drive cars on the road today. The main advantage of a wheel lift tow truck is that it is less expensive for towing companies like Alpine Towing and Recovery to operate, a savings generally reflected in our quotes for towing services.

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If You’re Trucking Through Colorado Snow. . .Wear Your Socks?

Testing at CDOT has shown that fitting standard snow chains to the tires of the drive axles of a dual axle tractor can take as long as 45 minutes, depending on the weather conditions and the physical condition of the driver. In the freight hauling business, time is money.

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