5 Towing Questions We Get Asked

Automobile towing is a complicated process. The best towing companies, like Alpine Towing & Recovery of Colorado, employ and train the most qualified, dedicated and drug-free individuals to recover vehicles and ensure the safety of the inhabitants. Only the top proven companies are regularly notified by law enforcement to handle the most severe incidents and to help to clear accident scenes.

As an experienced towing and recovery company in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, Alpine Towing and Recovery is often called upon to answer questions about the technical side of their business. While some issues pop up more frequently than others, below are five of the most common.
How Much Weight Can a Normal Tow Truck Handle?
Different trucks are designed to tow differing ranges of vehicle types and configurations. For most tow vehicles for cars and pickup trucks, a standard 10,000-pound capacity is sufficient whether the vehicle is pulled onto a flatbed or towed with two wheels on the pavement. Alpine Towing & Recovery uses larger tow trucks for semis, RVs, and other over-sized vehicles.
How Far Will Alpine Go to Deliver a Vehicle?
For non drivable vehicles, Alpine will deliver anywhere in the State of Colorado. Since the delivery cost is based upon miles driven, the owner will at least have the basis for deciding whether to have the repairs performed near home or closer to the scene of the problem.
What is the Coverage Area for Alpine Towing & Recovery?
Alpine has strategically placed their offices, vehicles, and operators throughout the Front Range of Colorado. Based in Buena Vista, Woodland Park, and Salida, Alpine drivers can reach the point of need in the shortest time. No other towing company in the region has the same coverage and rapid response capability.
What is Alpine Able to Tow?
Alpineā€™s experienced operators recover tractor-trailers, large campers and heavy-duty trucks. The only exception is that they no longer work with Landoll-type traveling axle trailers.
Does Alpine Provide Vehicle Repairs?
Alpine specializes in towing and recovery and do provide jump starts, emergency fuel, tire changes, as well as short-term storage. Preferring to stay focused on their primary strength which is helping out in emergencies, Alpine performs no mechanical or body repair. Alpine personnel can recommend some high-quality auto repair companies in the region.
Call Alpine Towing & Recovery
In case of future emergency, add Alpine Towing & Recovery to your phone book. In the Colorado Front Range, driving conditions can be severe, so knowing who to call is essential. Phone Alpine for roadside assistance at 1.800.869.2869.

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