Alpine Towing & Recovery—You Have Your Choice of Towing Companies, Choose One That Is Concerned About Your Safety

Stay Safe This Summer

There are any number of towing companies who will just show up when you are in trouble along the Front Range communities were we are based from—Buena Vista, Salida and Woodland Park, Colorado. How many of those other towing companies offer you free advice and interesting local tidbits every month like Alpine Towing & Recovery?

Every drive into the mountains this summer, made for either business or pleasure, is also a trip into the unknown. While certain factors are constant, such as your record as a driver and your familiarity with your vehicle, others are not, such as the weather, the condition of the roads, traffic, and wildlife migration patterns, etcetera.

The longer your trip, and the longer your driving day, the more incremental exposure to risk you face. In fact, though you may be confident in your abilities as a driver, ask yourself, how often do you really test those skills by putting in 10 or more hours behind the wheel? As you can see, you cannot really count on your own performance as a known factor if you are outside the bounds of your typical driving patterns.

Beating Fatigue and Stress

Staying fresh behind the wheel begins with proper trip planning back home. By factoring in time against distance, possible road construction delays spotted by checking various websites, and plotting where you can stop for breaks, you can remove a lot of unneeded urgency from your trip. Even having a loose itinerary is better than just winging it. With a plan you stick to, you never have to guess whether it is time to quit driving for the day.

Once you have a travel plan, make sure you account for other driving stressors before you set out. Are you confident in the condition of your vehicle? Do you have a plan to entertain your kids so that they don’t become a distraction? Are you taking enough cash to deal with incidental expenses rather than wondering if stores along the route accept credit? Does your phone still hold a decent charge? Did you bring your charging cable? Do you have an emergency kit with essentials for summer? Do you have a road map in case you lose cell service?
It only takes a moment’s inattention to wind up needing the services of towing companies like Alpine Towing & Recovery. Take a moment to plan your trip and hopefully you’ll never have to call us.

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