Roadside Assistance Near Me? That’s Alpine Towing & Recovery

When you are searching for “roadside assistance near me” along the 300 miles of Front Range highways and byways, your top hit is going to be Alpine Towing and Recovery. That’s for a good reason too. We are the most capable towing and roadside emergency service between Woodland Park and Salida, Colorado.

Roadside emergencies can happen at any time and always happen without any warning. Precisely because you cannot predict what might happen to your vehicle during a road trip through the Front Range communities.  Alpine Towing and Recovery operating out of Buena Vista, Salida, and Woodland Park, suggests you should carry a few critical items with you, especially in the winter, in case you find yourself waiting in harsh weather for roadside assistance from us.

Stopping on the roadside in the Front Range is inherently dangerous, and depending where you were forced to pull over, not a place for getting out of your vehicle if you don’t have to. Nevertheless, no matter where you have to pull over on the roads we serve, you can enhance your own safety by being as comfortable as possible while you wait.

Of course you cannot take everything you might find of use. If your storage space is limited, a basic winter kit should include at least the following items:

  • Traction devices. In many areas we serve, you are required to carry or already have mounted traction devices, snow or studded tires.
  • A Warning Light, Reflective Triangles, and/or Road Flares. Particularly on our local roads, with their twists, turns, and elevation changes, being able to give oncoming traffic some lead time to recognize your vehicle is stopped on the shoulder for roadside assistance is vital to everyone’s safety.
  • Water, blanket, and high energy snack foods. The cold weather saps your energy very quickly and even in a closed car the temperatures can drop precipitously due to heat escaping through the glass and cold air penetrating through vents. Water will fend off dehydration, a blanket will allow you turn turn on the heat at longer intervals, and having some food stuff around is a morale builder, especially if children are with you.
  • A folding or lightweight plastic shovel. This item is critical for sparing your hands if you have to dig out, scrape snow from your wheel wells, or clear snow from your tailpipe if you are stuck and need to run the engine.
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