What’s In a Name Between Two Towing Companies? Our Reputation For Honest Towing Services

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When you go to Wikipedia and look up a multifaceted topic, say “broncos,” you’ll likely be directed first to a “disambiguation page.” After all, the information you seek may be about broncos as horses, the activity known as “bronco busting,” the Denver Broncos, or perhaps even the Boise State Broncos. Disambiguation gets you to the information you need.

In the past year, we here at Alpine Towing and Recovery have found that our customers and potential customers are in need of some disambiguation about both us and an unaffiliated outfit called “Alpine Auto Recovery” out of Commerce City, Colorado. In short, we as a towing company are most definitely NOT them, or affiliated with them, and you’ll see why.


Alpine Towing and Recovery is a towing company in Buena Vista, Salida, and Woodland Park, Colorado. We do not serve Commerce City Colorado, nor do we troll apartment complexes in Denver looking for parking violations, as their online reputation alleges. If you read, or hear of, a negative complaint about some “Alpine” tow truck outfit, and that story is about shenanigans in the Denver metro area, you can rest assured that we have nothing to do with the sordid tale of the “other” Alpine.


Alpine Auto Recovery has a poor set of reviews on Yelp. We understand as well as anyone how easily internet reviewing allows unvarnished complaints to essentially live forever, but it is still meaningful when the vast majority of thirty reviews are negative. Think about it. Lots of people took time out of their day to immortalize their dissatisfaction with this other towing company.

We have fielded complaints from time to time, every company has. However, any complaints we have had lodged against us are NOT rooted in fundamental honesty issues.

Size and Capability

According to the reviews on Yelp, the Commerce City outfit is a two truck operation with a revolving cast of short term employees behind the wheel. There are tales of drivers without navigational knowledge. There are tales of damage from towing. There are even hints of criminality in the backgrounds of their employees.

Alpine Towing and Recovery is a professional towing company, in business for 21 years, with long-term employees. Every last one of our employees undergoes an annual criminal background check. Every driver or crew member we dispatch is WreckMaster certified for training in damage free towing. We are HAZMAT certified. We can perform complex recoveries of cars, tractor trailer rigs, even downed aircraft, using any of the eighteen various towing, wrecking, and recovery vehicles we have at our disposal.

Remember, when you are traveling the region we serve – the Colorado Front Range, and you need honest and competent towing or roadside assistance 24/7/365, don’t hesitate to call us. We are not the bad guys from another part of the state, who unfortunately happen to share just part of our name and none of our good business ethics.

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