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As frequent providers of roadside towing out of Woodland Park, Buena Vista, and Salida, Colorado, we at Alpine Towing & Recovery can never stress enough that one of the greatest dangers to drivers in these parts is in-vehicle distractions. On our local roads, where the elevation and direction changes demand your full attention, the fastest way to wind up needing

roadside towing out of Woodland Park, CO, or our other locations in Salida, Buena Vista, or Lake George, is to lose control of your vehicle from an avoidable distraction inside your own cabin.

The Main Distractions

After inappropriate cell phone use, and illegal texting while driving, the biggest distractions to the driver are usually children, a loose dog in the passenger area, or both. All three of these factors are highly prevalent in passenger vehicle crashes, especially during the summer vacation months.


Everyone who has travelled with school-age children on a road trip of more than an hour in duration knows first hand just how desperate the situation can get.

The good news is that we are living in the golden age of backseat entertainment. Never before in the history of automobiles has it been so easy to create near silence from your second and third row seats. All you really need these days is at least one large iPad or other tablet and a seat back mount.


Get your beloved dog to watch a movie or video game while driving is next to impossible. They want the windows—all of them when excited.

The best trick for traveling dogs is to make it ordinary to them. Every dog is less excited about something they do all of the time. Before dragging your dog on vacation with you, establish the car ride ritual for your canine passenger. It is much safer for your dogs and your human passengers if the dogs are contained toward the back of the vehicle. If the can be restrained without humanly, they will be less likely to cause injury to themselves or others if they get excited during the trip.

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