5 Tips When Having A Car Towed

having a car towedThere are certain events that we hope will never happen to us, yet they are likely to occur. One such occurrence is having to have your car towed. As with any emergency, you can only hope that the best people are available at the right time in the right place and are equipped with the correct equipment to manage the emergency.
Therefore, before you start a journey or even when you are near home, you should research the best companies to contact if and when your vehicle needs to be towed. Preparation for these types of events can reduce the fear, worry, and wait time of a vehicle breakdown or an accident.

In the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, one company has placed their service to cover the maximum territory with the shortest response time. Alpine Towing and Recovery is located, manned, and equipped in three different locations: Salida, Buena Vista, and Woodland Park, CO.

Step 1: Preparation

Well in advance, research the best towing and recovery options for every 50 miles of your journey. Look for companies that are certified and licensed by the states where they operate. Talk with them to understand their degree of professionalism and their 24-hour availability. Map your journey with this in mind, and save the phone numbers to your address book. Preparing in this manner ensures an immediate response and less roadside worrying during an emergency.

Step 2. Stay Safe, Move Away

Whether the situation is a result of an accident or a breakdown, keeping you and your passengers safe is the most important step. Immediately exit the vehicle and move yourselves (and your vehicle, as much as possible) away from the road to avoid any further complications with oncoming traffic.

Step 3. Call the Tow and Recovery Company

Phone the appropriate predetermined tow company. Stay calm and make sure you describe the location and circumstance of the situation. Accuracy is important to expedite the tow vehicle’s arrival on the scene and will also ensure the driver brings the necessary equipment to handle the situation.

Step 4. Ask for the Price and Payment Options

While accepting cash or credit should have been determined during the preliminary evaluations, make sure you will be able to pay the tow company immediately. Also having an estimated cost is essential to eliminating surprises.

Step 5. Tell the Company Where to Take the Vehicle

In many instances, the tow vehicle driver will just return you and your car to their lot for further dispatch to repair facilities after you have had a chance to determine your next move. If you know where the vehicle will be repaired, towing to that location is likely a cheaper option.

Contact Alpine Towing

In the Colorado Front Range region, Alpine Towing is the most qualified and equipped company to handle your impaired vehicle. With equipment of all sizes and capabilities, Alpine can be on the scene promptly, 24/7, from any of their three locations.
Call Alpine Towing and Recovery at 800.869.2869.

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