How to Choose from Local Heavy-Duty Towing Companies

heavy duty towing

Not every towing company is trained and equipped to handle truly heavy-duty towing and recovery jobs. These situations demand highly skilled and trained drivers as well as the right capacity towing trucks and equipment. Each situation is different and in the front range of the Colorado Rockies, towing jobs can be very dangerous without the right combination of personnel and equipment.
For future reference, compile a list of qualified companies to call for heavy-duty towing situations, whether for routine breakdowns or severe emergency situations.

What Constitutes a Heavy-Duty Towing Job?

Heavy-duty towing jobs involve the recovery of larger and heavier semi-trucks and trailers, loaded box-type trucks, large RVs and other larger equipment from accident scenes, off-road locations and even from under water. Different circumstances require specific equipment including vehicles from 26,000 to 50,000 pounds with specialized accessories such as extended-reach wheel lifts, high-powered winches, and flatbed options.
What You Should Look For in a Qualified Heavy-Duty Towing Company
Investigating and preparing a list of high-quality heavy-duty towing and recovery companies is an essential preparation for any fleet manager. Knowing whom to call for a quick and professional response to the unexpected is essential for a satisfactory recovery.
Let’s examine the basic qualifications of top-rated heavy-duty towing companies:

Available Equipment

Tow vehicles that usually handle passenger cars are not capable of handling the bulk of larger vehicles. High-quality tow companies utilize 50-ton mega-trucks with winches and other equipment. In snow country and mountain terrain, a few companies employ Sno-Cats with a high-capacity boom for off-road recoveries.

Driver Training

Securing the scene, ensuring the safety of operators and passengers, and carefully extracting and towing the vehicle requires driver education and training. Each tow vehicle driver should have HAZMAT and WreckMaster certification, flagging training, and must be tested and drug-free.

Responsiveness and Availability

Accidents and the need for towing and recovery never occur at opportune times. Heavy-duty towing companies must be available at hours every day of the year. The best companies also position equipment in several locations to respond as quickly as possible. One company, Alpine Towing & Recovery located in the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, has locations in Salida, Woodland Park, and Buena Vista, Colorado, to be able to reach more locations faster.

Contact Alpine Towing & Recovery

Alpine professionals understand the need to be prepared for potential road emergencies. In the Rocky Mountain region, add Alpine Towing to your list of reliable, professional recovery companies.
For more information about their 24-hour emergency service, call Alpine Towing & Recovery at 1-800-869-2869.

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