Need Heavy Duty Towing? Don’t Settle for Just Any Provider

heavy duty towingVehicles requiring heavy duty towing like larger passenger trucks, RVs, and urban transport buses can create complicated towing conundrums due to their sheer bulk. It takes a wide array of experience, expertise, and equipment to circumnavigate these issues and ensure a safe, successful tow, particularly over rougher or steep terrain. If you are traveling through the area and don’t know who to call, you will want to choose a towing company based not only where you are, but more importantly the type of jobs they can handle.

Large-Scale Issues

The number of issues heavy duty vehicles in the 8,501 to 60,000 pound range are prone to can easily result in a host of hauling issues, which put the vehicle, tow truck driver, and other nearby travelers on the road at significant risk when not properly pulled. In addition to these safety concerns, the massive bulk of such vehicles will ultimately correspond to higher towing rates.

A Substantial Solution

At Alpine Towing, we’ve provided Front Range motorists with more than 20 years of damage-free towing, including heavy-duty loads. Well respected in our multiple service areas for our capacity to handle not only heavy, medium and light duty towing, our professionally-trained and experienced drivers are also adept at traffic incident management; hazmat certified and WreckMaster trained, with access to the proper vehicles and equipment necessary to handle any of the towing scenarios travel throw’s your way.

Significant Heavy Duty Towing Service

One of the region’s longest serving tow companies, we take pride in the towing services we offer. Our multiple service locations give us unmatched geographical reach, allowing us to deliver some of the most rapid, 24/7 response times in the area. In combination with our competitive rates, large towing fleet, and state-of-the-art specialty equipment (including a 50-ton tow master with 50,000 pounds of towing capacity for recovering vehicles from even the steepest embankments), Alpine delivers service a cut above other area service providers.

Looking for light, medium, or heavy-duty towing or roadside services in the Buena Vista, Salida, Woodland Park, Lake George, Hartsel, or the surrounding Front Range area? Alpine Towing & Recovery can handle your heaviest burdens. Let us do the heavy lifting – contact us today!

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