Professional Tow Truck Winch Operator; Who’s Got One?

tow truck winchThe art of operating a tow truck winch may seem pretty simple: Strap it on and pull… However that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Amateur winch operations can create a host of roadway hazards, putting surrounding people and property at tremendous risk.

Protect Your Property – and Your Life – Go with a Winching Pro!

There number of instances of damage, injury, and death from flying ropes, chains, and cable snaps, not to mention secondary accidents resulting from “help” are too numerous to catalog. Also well-documented: The exorbitant amounts often charged by amateur winch and tow operators, who hold no licenses or insurance to cover adverse events.

Disconnected or Failing Ropes Can Kill a Person

Straps, chains and ropes that come loose mid-pull following abrupt jerks or excessive force can fly through the air, inflicting extreme force on surrounding objects or individuals. Professional tow truck operators are experienced in the proper application of winches, and hold the expertise necessary to gently pull your vehicle using safe, secure attachments.

Amateur Winching Often Results in Secondary Accidents

Because amateurs tend to pull perpendicular, rather than parallel to the road, they can easily cause secondary accidents. Professional winch operators have the tools and specialty equipment necessary to perform parallel pulls, alerting passersby with incident management professionals, flashing lights, flares, and reflective clothing. They also have the necessary skills and equipment to remain off-road and away from traffic throughout procedures, protecting you and fellow travelers from injury and possible death.

Professionals Can Handle Sticky Situations

From accessing hard to reach places with specially made hooks and straps to available manuals for safe and appropriate winch placement points for varying makes and models, professional help ensures vehicle parts aren’t inadvertently yanked (possibly becoming projectiles) when pulled.

Professional Tow Truck Operators Can Ensure the Road-Worthiness of Your Vehicle Post-Tow

It’s not out-of-the-ordinary for damage to occur secondary to off-roading and towing excursions. Before you sidle back down the road (and potentially experience another incident), a professional towing operator can inspect and ensure the safety of your vehicle, hauling you to a nearby repair facility if necessary.

Insurance Reimbursement Does Not Cover Amateur Tows

Most insurance policies include emergency roadside assistance coverage, which allow you the opportunity to garner reimbursement for services rendered – but only from legitimate towing services.

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