When You Search For “Roadside Assistance Near Me” What Is Possible? What to Expect?

When you’re stuck at the shoulder with a vehicular emergency and you hit search on that query, “roadside assistance near me,” hopefully Alpine Towing & Recovery is your first choice if you’re near Buena Vista, Woodland Park, or Salida, Colorado. Why? Because we are towing professionals.

When you call Alpine Towing & Recovery you are a customer, not a profit center. No matter whether your insurance, or a AAA membership, or your own cash or credit card is paying for our services, from the very first we will be straight with you about what our capabilities are and how much you can expect to pay, if anything.

Most insurance add-ons or standalone roadside assistance programs you can purchase or become a member of typically offer a fairly standard list of covered services. Your coverage may vary, so if in doubt consult your terms and conditions rather than rely on this general list of roadside assistance we may be able to provide you:

Flat Tire Repair/Change or Towing

If your vehicle sustains a flat tire while on the road, your roadside assistance coverage may pay for us to meet you on location and change your tire. If you don’t have a spare, and more vehicles these days don’t, you may need a tow if a tire repair cannot be made.

Not all roadside assistance programs are created equally. Some pay us directly, others require you to get reimbursed.

Out Of Fuel (Gasoline or Diesel)

If your tank runs dry, most roadside assistance plans will pay for that “roadside assistance near me” to bring you enough fuel to get you back on the move.

Jump Starting

If your battery is dead, most roadside assistance plans will cover the cost of us coming out to jumpstart it. We will bring our own cables, though we advise everyone to carry a set.

What To Expect

We understand that whether it’s the first time or just the most recent one, being stuck at the roadside is stressful. When you call Alpine Towing & Recovery, we try to give you peace of mind. You’ll first talk to a live dispatcher. If you are covered by a roadside emergency plan, we’ll do our best to hammer out those details ahead of our well-trained crew arriving on scene so there are no surprises.

Insist upon making that “roadside assistance near me” Alpine Towing & Recovery. You won’t regret it.

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