Tips for Mountain Driving-AVOID THE TOW

avoid the towThose not accustomed to snow and ice conditions on the highways are always at risk for underestimating the potential for slipping and sliding on roadways. The possibility is particularly likely with 2-wheel drive with standard tires on mountain roadways where ice and snow are more likely. Mountain roads are also designed to curve, rise, and fall more than thoroughfares closer to sea level.

Some basic tips for mountain driving are either to avoid them during colder months or at least prepare well for trips through these areas. Snow storms can appear quickly to impair traction and visibility.
However, if you simply must travel to the mountains during snow season for a vacation or ski trip, be prepared to deal with the potential problems.

Avoiding the Tow

Tip 1: Without investing in an all-wheel drive vehicle for the week or weekend in the mountains, perhaps renting one would be a wise choice.
Tip 2: Tires may be the most important element of mountain driving. Check your tread and consider investing in high-quality all-weather tires. Traction is essential, and great tires will hold the road better than the ones that came from the showroom.
Tip 3: Know where you are going. In the mountains, well-maintained roads can turn into goat tracks and leave you stuck in mud, more, snow, and ice. Use AAA maps and stay on state, federal, or marked and maintained county roads.
Tip 4: Locate a licensed and experienced 24/7 towing and recovery company in your destination area before leaving home. Save the phone number in case of emergency. In the Colorado Front Range area, Alpine Towing and Recovery has the facilities, trained staff, and experience to handle any situation. Also, Alpine Towing can recommend companies with mechanical repair capability nearby in case of an equipment breakdown.
Tip 4: Never leave the pavement to drive on unpaved or unmaintained roads or trails. Many with 2-wheel drive vehicles with balding tires end up stuck and stranded in remote locations with no phone service. In the Colorado Front Range region, unless you are properly equipped, avoid any roads marked “Forest Road” that can be unsuitable in any weather. Alpine Towing, with offices in nearby Salida, Woodland Park, and Buena Vista has rescued many who found themselves stuck in these conditions.

Contact Alpine Towing

With facilities and equipment in Woodland Park, Salida, and Buena Vista, Alpine Towing is your best solution for driving in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. Before starting out, reduce your chances of a long and worrisome wait when stuck or in an accident. Concerned for your safety, the experienced drivers of Alpine Towing will arrive at the scene as soon as possible.
Phone Alpine Towing for more information at 800-tow-2-tow or 800.869.2869.

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