How Will You Know if Your Towing Charge is Reasonable?

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Being stranded along a roadside at night after a vehicle breakdown can be a very tense situation. At this point, all you want is to be somewhere safe or, at best, back on the road again with your vehicle repaired. In situations like this, cost is not always your primary concern.

But what you pay may become an issue once you are back to safety. Tow and recovery companies usually set a base rate or “hook-up” fee for coming to the scene and also charge an additional cost per mile for towing your vehicle to a repair shop, your residence, or other destination. The base fee and cost per mile vary significantly and in remote areas can add up to a substantial amount.

According to the costhelper website, the typical towing companies charge a hook-up fee of between $35 and $100. The average cost per mile falls between $2.50 and $5.00 per mile. Overtime charges are commonplace when the tow is required late at night or on weekends or holidays.
In areas where no legal limits have are in place, the cost can be higher.

Why are Towing Costs So High?

A 10-mile tow may cost $150 or more. While this may seem excessive, customers must realize that the operator has a considerable investment in a vehicle, insurance, the appropriate equipment and fuel, driver salary, training, and overtime costs if the event occurs after regular working hours.

Protection from Predatory Tow Companies

In some places, unscrupulous towing and recovery companies operate without regulation and competition. These may attempt to take advantage of driver misfortune. They are ones that understand your plight and, without assistance, would leave you to your own resources unless pay their exorbitant fees.
But this is not the norm. In Colorado, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission regulates the towing companies and many receive excellent reviews.
In some areas of the nation, predatory towing charges are outlawed. One solution is to plan your journey so that you have a list of qualified towing companies along the way. The most reputable are AAA-affiliated companies with 24-hour service and excellent Better Business Bureau ratings.

Buy AAA or Insurance Coverage

For a relatively small costs, adding towing insurance to your automobile policy or signing up for a AAA (American Automobile Association) membership, indivduals can avoid unnecessary costs. With this protection, you will be assured that you are dealing with a professional company.
Additional premiums for towing on your insurance policy or AAA membership may range from $30 $300 per year depending on the extent of the service you select. The more you travel the higher your likelihood of a problem will be.
The peace of mind from knowing you will be covered, however, will be well worth the additional costs.

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