RV Towing

rv road assistance servicesAlong with calling Alpine Towing for RV towing, there are some steps to follow when your RV breaks down. An RV is not a simple piece of machinery. Whether your RV is stuck, or you’ve been in an accident, your first impulse may be to panic. Stay calm. These steps will insure, if not your comfort and convenience, at least a better state of mind.

Before you need roadside assistance, you need insurance.

If you are towing with a motorhome, you need insurance for your car and your motorhome since insurance for one does not automatically cover the other. You’ll want one insurance policy that covers both, so that you don’t have to deal with two claims, and two deductibles. This latter insurance covers roadside assistance, towing in case of an accident. You will also need specialized insurance that covers roadside assistance, towing for an RV that gets stuck.

Safety after the breakdown.

Right after being stranded, an immediate impulse is to call for roadside assistance. Instead, take the time to steer your RV off the road and into a safe place. Make sure everyone is unhurt. Put your hazard blinkers on, and have passengers exit the RV, and move away from the side of the road. If it’s dark, it’s imperative to get visible, especially on a busy road. Set up triangles, or reflective flares around your RV to keep from being hit by oncoming vehicles.

Still, not quite time to call for roadside assistance.

Take a moment to assess the situation. Did you hit another vehicle or an animal? Is your vehicle drivable? Is there any smoke or odd smells emanating from the vehicle? Make some quick notes, so that you can discuss service issues with roadside assistance technicians.

Call for roadside assistance.

Now it’s time to call for roadside assistance to tow your RV. There are specific requirements for roadside assistance companies that can tow RVs. They need to have RV trained tow truck drivers, large enough tow trucks that are capable of towing the largest RV, and have roadside assistance on call 24/7.

When you’re ready to call for roadside assistance, for your RV, or any other large vehicle for that matter, have Alpine Towing in your contact list. We’ve been providing, accident free towing for RV’s along the Front Range for 20 years. Get in touch with us at 1-800-869-2869 today.