Woodland Park Towing Service

Our Lake George office is right in the middle of Lake George right on the Hwy across from the post office.

Woodland Park Colorado is the newest addition to Alpine Towing’s expanding service area. After recognizing a need for a cost effective towing service with AAA coverage in Woodland Park, we decided to bring our towing and vehicle recovery services to the area. We purchased a building in Lake George and hired local drivers to position our services squarely where they are needed. With this move, Alpine Towing has enabled a quick response to any vehicle-related emergency available anywhere west of Colorado Springs.

There is a full fleet available in Woodland Park, from flatbeds to large semi recovery vehicles, which has been very well received by the residents of Woodland Park. Finding any towing services, especially the excellent service and reliability you can expect from Alpine Towing, once presented quite a challenge to Woodland Park residents.

Alpine Towing has entered Woodland Park with the same approach it brings to every area we service. Continuing to offer Wreck Master-, First Responder-, Incident Command-, Aircraft Recovery-, and Evidence Handling-certified services, 24-hour availability, 365 days a year, and brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment, the residents of Woodland Park are in excellent care for any towing or vehicle recovery service. For all of your towing and recovery needs, contact Alpine Towing: servicing Woodland Park and its surrounding areas competitively now and for many years to come.