Alpine Towing and Recovery’s Wrecker Service—Your Security Is Important To Us

At Alpine Towing and Recovery when you call us for wrecker service, you might be having your worst day of the year, especially if it is after normal business hours when you had your breakdown or crash.

When there is nothing to be done but to call us for wrecker service and have your vehicle towed back to our storage lot, you’ll be comforted to know that your ride is in the hands of a trained, drug tested, and criminally background checked driver who will promptly log all of your apparent personal property and prior damage to your vehicle on the tow sheet. As we continuously train and strive to perform damage free towing, as evidenced by our WreckMaster Certification, part of that process is to thoroughly document the pre-tow condition of your vehicle and its contents.

Once you are towed to one of our locations in Buena Vista, Salida, or Woodland Park, our attention to the security of you, your vehicle, and its contents continues. Alpine Towing and Recovery maintains a large insured and secured storage site so you can rest assured that your vehicle, its contents and/or load will be intact until you can address how you or your insurer wishes to proceed.

Our administrative offices at all of our locations have clear views of all incoming traffic and of any activity on the lot. Not only that, but Alpine Towing and Recovery is a 24/7/365 operation. We do not abandon our sites and we dispatch wrecker services to all of the Front Range areas we serve, including on all holidays. We always have live dispatchers and night drivers in our service areas, so you are never truly alone when you have an accident or a breakdown.

Size Matters

Alpine-Blog1-wrecker-service-2-16-2Alpine Towing and Recovery maintains a modern fleet of 18 wrecker service vehicles of all types, capable of any size of recovery operation. We also have multiple wrecker crews available on a 24/7 basis for multi-vehicle incident responses. Alpine Towing’s roadside assistance crews are also fully certified in HAZMAT control and clean-up procedures as well as being flagging certified if required by your situation.

Not only that, we always operate within the laws of the State of Colorado. We accept all major credit cards, and will never demand cash from you though we happily accept that too. If you have AAA coverage, we are also a participating wrecker service provider.

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