What are the Different Types of Auto Wreckers?

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Because accidents and breakdowns can occur with any type of vehicles anywhere, professional towing and recovery companies must be prepared with the right equipment for recovery and towing. Not only do vehicle types vary by weight and configuration but the circumstances and location of the vehicle can require specialized equipment for a successful recovery. In highly variable mountainous terrain with winding roads, slippery conditions, and significant drop offs, the demand for unique strategies for recovery becomes more important.

The towing and recovery industry has developed trucks and accessories for every emergency. Companies like Alpine Towing & Recovery which provides service throughout the front range of the Colorado Rockies must always be prepared and trained for extricating vehicles of all sizes from any difficult situation. Besides specialized vehicles capable of recovering the largest rigs, Alpine uses a range of tools and accessories designed for specific circumstances. Highly skilled and well-trained operators can determine which method is best for any situation.

Using the Best Wrecker Equipment for Each Recovery

As in most situations, one size does not fit all. Since the principal objective of any successful towing and recovery job is to avoid any additional harm to the vehicle, the right trucks and accessories are needed.
In general terms, different types and methods for towing and recovery are:

Sling-type: A sling or hook-and-chain configuration is less common than in the past because of the potential body or undercarriage damage created by attaching to the frame or axle and lifting with a boom, then towing. This method is usually appropriate for severely damaged vehicles.

Boom: Boom-mounted trucks are best for reaching, attaching, and pulling vehicles that have veered off the road or over an embankment. These types of recovery vehicles are essential in mountainous and ice-covered terrains.

Hydraulic Flat Bed: In this configuration, the bed of the recovery vehicle can tilt hydraulically to create a ramp for the vehicle to be driven or pulled up with a truck-mounted winch. The vehicle is secured to the bed of the tow truck, raised, and transported to the destination.

Wheel Lift: The wheel-lift equipment secures the vehicle by the drive wheels, front or rear, without making contact with any other part of the vehicle. The vehicle is then lifted and safely towed away.

Contact Alpine Towing & Recovery in Colorado

The right equipment and a professional, well-trained operator are essential for a safe and effective tow and recovery. Alpine Towing & Recovery situated in Buena Vista, Woodland Park, Salida, Lake George, and Harsel CO. Alpine serves Chaffee, Park, and Teller Counties and surrounding areas with 18 specially equipped trucks. For recovery in the Rocky Mountain front range, Alpine has all of the necessary emergency towing equipment plus extensive training and certification for critical jobs.
For 24-hour emergency towing and recovery service, contact Alpine Towing & Recovery at 1-800-869-2869.

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