Minimum Equipment Requirements for Heavy-Duty Towing

Vehicle towing is an unfortunate reality in any situation. However, recovery of large vehicles and tractor-trailers demands very specialized equipment and training plus real experience. While Colorado has several companies who advertise towing, the list of towing and recovery businesses that are capable of handling vehicles over 15,000 lbs gross weight is limited.

heavy duty wrecker
Alpine Towing & Recovery is an experienced and highly reliable Colorado-based towing company located in the Front Range region of the Rockies in Buena Vista, Salida, and Woodland Park. These locations situate Alpine Towing perfectly for rapid response to any accidents on winding, icy roads throughout the region.
Heavy-duty towing is one of Alpine Towing and Recovery’s specialties, and the company is frequently called upon to clean up accident scenes that others may not be equipped to accept.

Alpine’s Towing & Recovery: Class C Heavy Duty Wrecker

Alpine Towing and Recovery utilizes the required Class C Wrecker to extricate large vehicles from critical situations. Powerful Class C wreckers have very specific capabilities to handle those enormous loads. For example, the truck must be able to handle loads over 17,000 pounds gross weight. Also, the wrecker itself must have a total weight of over 46,000 lbs and tandem axles or cab-to-axle length of at least 102 inches.
The wrecker must have a boom and winch capacity of at least 50,000 pounds, plus a wheel lift with a retracting lifting capacity over 12,000 lbs with safety chains. For retrieving vehicles that have left the road, the towing systems should have a minimum length of 150-feet of 5/8” cable and no less than fifty feet of drop cable.
Air brakes are an absolute requirement, plus an air source for the air brakes on the towed vehicle. The air brakes on the wrecker should be designed to lock the wheels of the towing vehicle automatically in case of failure.
AS with lighter wreckers, light hookups are required to attach to the towed vehicle for tail light and brake light illumination.

Specialized Expertise

Semis and large vehicles create considerable damage as well as a blockage on the winding roads of the mountains. Because of their vast experience and knowledge, Alpine Towing and Recovery is frequently called upon by the Colorado Highway Patrol to secure and clear accident scenes quickly and efficiently. Alpine drivers are on 24-hour call throughout the year to remove damaged vehicles of all sizes to prevent further problems. Alpine’s qualified drivers are trained in accident scene management and HAZMAT as well as flagging to ensure no more damage or injury occurs.

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